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What is The Happy Mondays Program?


The Happy Mondays Program is built on a very simple belief: 

We believe that you deserve to be in a job that makes you happy and that happiness is the key to professional success! 

But what makes us happy at work? We often hear that to have a happy career, we should follow our passions, hobbies and interests. However, what do you do, if you don't have one or what if you have too many? From our experience, we have realized that your best chance for being happy at work is based on doing something that you're good at and that gives you a sense of contribution, whilst covering your needs. Hence, through The Happy Mondays Program, we guide you to land a job that strengthens your inner talents in a company that covers your needs and that aligns with your vision and values. It’s that simple. Or is it? 

A lot of people can tell you what to do and what steps to take, but can they actually help you make it happen? We can and we do. That is The Happy Mondays difference. 9 out of 10 of our clients land their Happy Job in less than 3 months - irrespective of their visa status and whether they're moving to new countries! Here's why they love our program:

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Success & Happiness

After completing the program, you’ll be doing your Happy Job. In your Happy Job, you’ll have time and energy to do what matters most and get recognized for your work. Get ready for faster promotions and higher pay checks. Hello Happy Mondays!

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Hello hidden job market!

By joining the program, you'll become part of our community, which will provide you with job leads, insider market and company info and even mentoring opportunities. Combined with your new skills, you will be prepared for the job market like never before.

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One-time investment

Because we know that your concept of Happy Mondays evolves, we want to empower you with the skills and tools you need to land your Happy Job, time and time again. Joining the program is hence a one-time investment into yourself - now and in the future.

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How does it work?

The Happy Mondays Program is divided into 3 steps. These steps relate to the 3 main challenges most people experience in their job hunt. We thus help you overcome those barriers one-by-one.

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Step 1: Define

If you don't know what you want, how can you find it? This is where the magic happens! We essentially help you create your Happy Mondays job description. By using our unique career assessment process, we'll start describing the core tasks and responsibilities of your Happy Mondays job. Using this information, we'll design the different possible career paths and validate them based on your interests, readiness and market availability. After completing this phase, you will know exactly which jobs, company, industry etc. will lead you to enjoy Happy Mondays.


Communicate The Happy Mondays Co

Step 2: Communicate

Now that you know what you want, you need to learn how to communicate it and convince companies that you're the right fit. As you may have heard, 250 CVs approximately are received for every job opening. With only 6 seconds to impress, you need to immediately show why they should hire you. Our branding process will help you to do just that by identifying your transferable skills and unique selling points and pinpointing examples to prove your expertise. With our branding, our clients get interviews with companies like Google, Apple and Heineken, just to name a few. Besides getting the interview, we also help you nail it by guiding you in building a strong story to answer every terrifying question. After completing step 2, you will know exactly how to position yourself to get hired for your Happy Job.


Find The Happy Mondays Co

Step 3: Tackle

You know what you want and how to communicate it, but it's still not working. Why? You are still failing, because you're appealing to deaf ears and knocking on the wrong doors. With modern ATS systems in place and ferocious competition across recruiters, head-hunters and job boards, the likelihood that you will succeed with the typical job hunting strategy is low. To help you close the deal, we don't rely on headhunters, recruiters or job boards. Instead, we create the best strategy for you to tackle the hidden job market. We show you how to find your Happy Job and how to connect and engage with real decision-makers. Once you've completed this final step, you will be all set and in your Happy Job!



In our experience the program works best, if you go through all the steps. However, should you be interested in only some parts of the program, we're happy to tailor a solution for you. Just contact us and tell us what you have in mind. 


Our commitment to you:

When you join The Happy Mondays Program, we become a team - a team that tackles this journey together. We’re not recruiters or head-hunters and we won’t do the work for you. We’re your consultants that teach you the skills and tools you need to connect the dots and succeed.

Thereby, we empower you with everything you need to succeed yourself – now and in the future.

Ultimately, our success is defined by your success. We are 100% committed to you achieving your goals and we will accompany you on this journey from A to Z. We believe so much in our methodology and approach that part of our payment is linked to you getting your Happy Job.


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Frequently Asked Question

Still have questions? Not sure if The Happy Mondays Program is for you?

Browse through our FAQ.

FAQ 1:

Why do people join The Happy Mondays Program?

Most of our clients join the program for 3 reasons: 

  1. To land a great job - a Happy Job!

  2. To gain clarity on the best career paths suited to their needs.

  3. To advance with their careers and get raises and promotions.

FAQ 2:

Who is The Happy Mondays Program for? 

The program is for those who are committed to land the job that will lead them to enjoy Happy Mondays and those who are willing to do the necessary to make it happen.   

In addition, we love diversity. It keeps things interesting. The skills and tools we teach are gender, age, discipline and industry-neutral. Our clients are almost equally male and female. Most of them are between 31 and 44, but over 30% are below the age of 30 or above 45 years old. In terms of functions, our clients come almost equally from disciplines across the board, including HR, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, IT, Finance, Project Management and more. They also come from and move into many different industries:

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So, in the same week, we work with Marketing Managers, Technology Vice Presidents, Junior Consultants and Engineers, who are Singaporeans, foreigners living in Singapore and even people abroad. 70% of our clients aren't Singaporeans or PRs. Despite this, we have a 9 out of 10 success ratio!

However, we're not for everyone. We pick our clients as carefully as they choose us. If the chemistry isn't there, we will refer you to one of our trusted partners, which may be better suited to support your needs. 

FAQ 3:

How long does it take?

The program typically involves 12 sessions. We have clients who completed all 12 sessions and signed a new contract within 6 weeks, as well as clients who are taking it easy and have been going through the program over the course of several months. Working with us, you are the boss, so you choose the pace at which you want to go. 

FAQ 4:

Will you find me a job?

We don't find a job for you, because we're not recruiters, nor head-hunters. Instead, we empower you by teaching you how you can do this by yourself. In other words, we're your strategists that support you by providing you with the clarity, tools, connections and skills necessary to help you land your Happy Job. We call this masterful facilitation. 

Working with us is an excellent investment, but you need to be willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve results. In fact, we won’t let you hire us, if we sense you are not fully committed. Don't take it personally. It’s all in the name of providing great service and making sure our clients are set up for success.

FAQ 5:

Are you like a head-hunter?

Head-hunters work for companies.We work for you. Our aim is to help you land your Happy Job and ensure you enjoy Happy Mondays throughout your career. That’s our purpose - and that’s what you get.

Your happiness is our drive and your success defines ours.

FAQ 6:

Do you work with clients who live outside Singapore?

Yes! Our clientele is spread across the globe. Thanks to new technologies, you can enjoy The Happy Mondays Program even overseas. 

FAQ 7:

What’s a Happy Job?

A Happy Job is a job that strengthens your inner talents within a company that aligns with your needs, vision and values.

This is the best way we know to achieve long lasting career success - and Happy Mondays. 

FAQ 8:

What if I'm not ready yet?

We occasionally host live FREE seminars with our partners, such as the American Association of Singapore, TedX etc, where we share career strategy advice and an introduction to The Happy Mondays Program.

Follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to find out about upcoming sessions. 

Got more questions? 

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