Are you sure changing jobs is the answer?

Are you sure changing jobs is the answer?

“What am I running away from?”

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question? Sure, we all want more money, but is it really the money that is making you want to leave? Or is it maybe your job, your company, your boss – or is it perhaps even you who needs to change? The answer to this question is important, because unless you really understand the underlying cause of your unhappiness, you will never be able to solve it!

Few people ever try to this. Instead, they burn hours job hunting, jumping from one hot opportunity to the next, without ever finding what they’re looking for: Happiness

Trust me, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So, let me share some examples with you of how some of my clients have found their Happy Mondays without necessarily changing jobs. 

“My job sucks!”

Mike* was underperforming in his current role. After 9 months, he wasn’t close to achieving his KPIs. He was worried that he was going to get fired. Of course, this made him unhappy.  

We worked together to understand why he was struggling. Looking at his Happy Job definition, it was clear that his current sales job was a bad fit, because he is a “farmer” not a “hunter”.

So, he spoke to his boss and was moved into an Account Manager role instead. Now, playing to his strengths, he is performing much better and he no longer hates his job.

“I wish I had a better boss…”

Lilly* was feeling demotivated and wanted to change jobs. Working with her on her Happy Job definition, it became clear that she felt undervalued. Her manager never publicly praised her.

We worked out how she could approach her manager to improve the situation. Thereby, her manager realized that she never publicly acknowledged her team. She changed her approach and started to share her team’s individual achievements during weekly company meetings.

As a result, Lilly felt more motivated and positive. Not only did she stay, but also her performance increased dramatically.

“I hate my company!”

Nico* approached me looking for new opportunities. Feeling unhappy at work, he couldn’t imagine staying any longer. To make sure, this was the right thing to do, we first looked at his vision and values as part of his Happy Job definition.

It quickly became clear, that the company was not a good fit, because of its culture. Since he was working at a big MNC, there was little he could do about it. It was necessary to change jobs and with The Happy Mondays Program, he quickly found what he was looking for.

“Maybe it’s me…”

Mary* felt she didn’t have any work-life balance and she wanted to quit her job. When we worked on her Happy Job definition, it turned out however, that her company and job weren’t the problem. Rather, being a control-freak, she was creating her situation and if she didn’t work on this, she would never find work-life balance.

We worked on her delegation skills. She stayed with her company and that’s where she is still today.


Just because things are bad, doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed. Before you jump, always make sure you know what is making you unhappy and give YOURSELF, your managers and colleagues the chance to improve.

Remember, WE’RE all just people and we can’t read minds. 😊 If you don’t share with others what’s bothering you, they can’t do anything about it. If you really can’t find a solution, then – and only then – it’s time to change jobs.

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*Names have been changed for the purpose of this article.