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Behind the Scenes

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Our Story


The Happy Mondays Co. story began when Sandra Quelle, our Founder and Chief Happiness Officer, found herself in a puzzling situation. She was "successful", yet in a career that gave her no joy and meaning.

Seeking a change, she got in touch with headhunters; who were only interested in finding her similar roles!She realised she’d have to go it alone, and left her well-paid job to search for a meaningful career.

Shortly after, when a recently relocated friend asked Sandra for her help in navigating the job market in Singapore, Sandra felt a powerful spark. Utilising her extensive recruitment knowledge and unique hands-on approach, Sandra quickly helped him land his dream job! With one Happy client and a stream of referrals, Sandra decided to make things official! The Happy Mondays Co was born, with the purpose of making a difference in people’s lives by bridging the gaps between who they are, what they do, and their monthly paychecks.

Touching the lives of over 500 people since its inception, The Happy Mondays Co grew into a more established company when, Sandra met Emma Burkitt. With their combined background in recruitment, talent development and coaching they came to the same conclusion: Dreams don't always pay bills. And over-achievement alone drains most of us. But when a career is directed towards our own definition of success and built around our unique talents; magic happens! Performance naturally improves, we are (and feel) more valued, our compensation rises, and as a result, we're happier, healthier and more fulfilled! This is the essence of Happy Mondays.

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Since 2016, we’ve made Happy Mondays a reality for our clients in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore and Spain. 

9 out of 10 of them landed their Happy Job in less than 3 months - irrespective of their visa status and even when they moved to new countries! 

Learn more about how we help our clients. Check out The Happy Mondays Program!

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Our Vision and Mission


We believe that happiness is the source of sustainable career success. Although people may not have realized it yet, with the global talent shortage and the current recruitment model dying, we as individuals have the power to shape our careers. But of course, we need to know how. That's our mission: To spread Happy Mondays across the world by empowering everyone with the skills and tools they need to take charge of their careers! We achieve this through these three pillars:


Promote The Happy Mondays Co


We create awareness that sustainable career success is achievable through happiness and that Happy Mondays are a possibility for everyone, everywhere.

Empower The Happy Mondays Co


We educate and equip individuals, as well as organisations, with the tools and skills they need to achieve and maintain Happy Mondays long-term.

Connect The Happy Mondays Co


We facilitate the match between individuals and organisations that fit well together in terms of aligned needs, visions and values to enable Happy Mondays.

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Meet the Team


Every great company, needs a team driven by passion and an inspiring vision to succeed. Meet Sandra Quelle, the mastermind behind The Happy Mondays Co, and Emma Burkitt, our Happiness Officer from London. Together, they are spreading Happy Mondays across the world!


Originally from Spain, Sandra studied a degree in business management and a Master's degree in Strategy Management and Coaching.

She worked for several years for top international recruitment firms across Europe and Asia, managing a top performing team and billing close to $800,000 for her company.

Ambitious with a streak of entrepreneurial spirit, she launched The Happy Mondays Co (previously Vitae Advisor) in 2016. She combined her passion for providing career advice with her experience in headhunting, enriched by knowledge acquired from great coaches, mentors and trainers. A thought-leader, she was a speaker at the very first TEDx Adventure Singapore. She has collaborated with several associations and universities internationally with the aim to spread the possibility of having Happy Mondays.

Sandra is additionally a certified yoga teacher. She integrates her holistic approach, and values such as balance, mindfulness and self-empowerment, into the work of The Happy Mondays Co.

Sandra’s clients describe her as a “career hacker” and as "realistic-optimist". Her family and friends describe her as the happiest and most passionate career strategist they’ve met.



Our Happiness Officer Emma, is an accredited Executive Coaching Practitioner who has spent her career focusing on people and their relationships with their work.

She specialises in In-house Recruitment, Talent Management and Learning & Development, with experience across industries including professional services (Big4), international media, tech, start-up's and design.

Emma created her own Happy Mondays, after a bereavement in 2015 led her to re-evaluate her life and career. She was clear that deep work with people and potential was still her calling, but wanted to fully align this with her own values. As a result, Emma set up independently to focus on ‘purposeful and empowering’ work. She travelled across the globe taking on Coaching, HR and Facilitation projects ranging from specialized leadership training for multinationals to coaching burned-out executives in well-being retreats. She now combines her insider knowledge with her coaching skills to help empower others in their careers and wider lives at The Happy Mondays Co!

Our clients value Emma’s multi-disciplinary HR, Talent and Coaching background, as well as her ability to facilitate an encouraging, explorative space where new insights, possibilities and solutions are unlocked.


Meet the team and start your journey to your own Happy Mondays!

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