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Welcome to The Happy Mondays Co! Our mission is to create Happy Mondays across the world by empowering everyone with the skills and tools they need to take charge of their careers.  

9 out of 10 of our clients landed their Happy Job in less than 3 months - irrespective of their visa status and even when they moved to new countries.

Since 2016, we’ve made Happy Mondays a reality for our clients in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore and Spain.

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The Happy Mondays Program


We believe that you should be in a job that makes you happy because happiness is the key to success. Through The Happy Mondays Program, we guide you to discover and land that job, your Happy Job, by following these 3 steps: 

Define The Happy Mondays Co


If you don't know what you want, how can you find it?  This is where the magic happens. Through our robust career assessment process you will learn to define your Happy Job.

Communicate The Happy Mondays Co


You know you're good, but no one else seems to. How can you make your talents known in a way that will appeal to companies? We will help you position yourself to get hired for your Happy Job.

Find The Happy Mondays Co


If your applications are just falling on deaf ears and closed doors, how can you find your Happy Job? We will teach you how to successfully tap the hidden job market to land your Happy Job.

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Happy Customers

Real people with real stories we're proud of.

Leonard Testimonial The Happy Mondays Co
"I was retrenched after 17 years. I had no success in the job search and I was getting demoralized. I was blessed to discover The Happy Mondays Co. They helped me transform and pin-pointed my gaps. I started to have interviews again i.e. Google and a few others. After 3 months of working together, I landed a new job at a MNC and maintained my salary range. It was a very positive experience working with The Happy Mondays Co. The team rocks!" - Leonard, Program Manager, APAC, at a Telecom MNC in Singapore
Caroline Testimonial The Happy Mondays Co
"The Happy Mondays Co will not only make you believe in yourself, but also give you the right set of tools to stay positive in a tough job situation. They helped me to find my DREAM JOB. I always knew what I wanted and had a big network. I just never knew the right approach or how to make it desirable for a potential client or future employer. Thanks to The Happy Mondays Co I found exactly the position I was after. They are the best! I would never have made it without them." - Caroline, Digital Imaging Specialist and Photographer at an E-Commerce company
Arun Testimonial The Happy Mondays Co
"The Happy Mondays Co is capable and great to work with! They gives you the right kind of coaching, depending on your strengths and the results are evident. Your CV, LinkedIn profile, Cover letters etc. are all fine tuned in a way you would never have conceived of and soon you get noticed in the market. That’s their talent. I recommend The Happy Mondays Program to anyone without any reservations. It's the best decision I made. I wish them the very best." - Arun, Program Manager at a Consulting Company

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